Quiz for couples

Do We Need Couple Counselling?

Ask yourself the following questions about your couple relationship:

1. Do we have a major issue that we fight about a lot but never seem to resolve?

2. Do we bicker about small things?

3. Do I often feel irritated with my partner but can't figure out why?

4. Do we criticize or blame each other?

5. Has our relationship lost its passion?

6. Do I feel distant or disconnected from my partner?

7. Do I feel alone in this relationship?

8. Has my relationship been through some sort of trauma, such as an affair?

9. Has my relationship felt different as a result of a big life change, such as a re-location or the birth of a child?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you should seriously consider couple therapy. Input from an active, caring couple therapist can help you to interrupt the negativity you are experiencing together and begin to turn your relationship around. And the earlier you get help, the easier it will be to make lasting positive changes in your relationship.

As we work together I will help you and your spouse to:

  • Stop fighting in hurtful, destructive ways
  • Develop an understanding of the negative patterns that occur between you
  • Identify the underlying issues that are contributing to your difficulties
  • Resolve conflict productively and respectfully
  • Repair old hurts and resentments
  • Interact in more positive, loving ways
  • Be heard and understood by each other
  • Feel supported, loved, and accepted by each

Couple therapy begins with you and your partner coming in to my office to meet with me for an initial Consultation Session. During this session we'll discuss what's happening in your relationship and I will recommend a focus to work on with you and your partner in couple therapy if you decide to work with me.

Give me a call to schedule a Consultation Session or with any questions you or your partner may have. (613) 238-2222