Men and Counselling

Many of the men I have worked with felt that when they agreed to go into counselling with their partner, they would be put on the spot, made into “the bad guy” and generally ganged up on. Often men have less experience with talking about their emotions and it can feel intensely uncomfortable to be put in this situation. I feel that it is my job to address these very legitimate concerns and to make every client feel heard and respected.

Bringing an outside consultant into your relationship can actually take the pressure off and diminish your stress, rather than adding to it  Talking with an unbiased third party can take the emphasis off of who is to blame for a current concern and can produce positive change,  coaching both partners towards understanding and compassion. It can give you the space to really express what it is you desire and to make those things happen. An impartial mediator can mean the difference between a healthy intimate connection and an unhappy home.