Benefits Commonly Experienced

Here are some benefits of counselling/therapy that people commonly come to experience through the process of Counselling Therapy: 

Finding power and choice when problems feel overwhelming
Overcoming depression and re-experiencing hope, joy and peace
Learning and growing through loss and grief (including the loss of a family pet)
Experiencing liberation from addictive behaviours and substance misuse
Finding assertive and healthy ways of responding to the addictive behaviour or substance misuse of a loved one
Understanding the meaning behind anger and learning respectful ways to communicate intense emotions
Developing safe and meaningful relationships
Nurturing intimacy with your partner as a foundation to sexual satisfaction
Finding your voice in the midst of crazy making abusive relationships
Becoming the parent you really want to be
Turning life and family transitions (retirement, critical illness, empty nest) into seasons of discovery
Creating a purposeful life and a balanced sense of wellbeing
Exploring spirituality and what it means to you
Safe telling of secrets and stories of pain and suffering and celebration of stories of resistance and resilience.