Could I benefit from therapy?

My view of human development understands that each phase of life brings heightened developmental tasks, need sensitivities, crises, and opportunities for new learning. A supportive therapist can be crucial in helping you to make big life decisions, manage a source of stress in your life, advance your couple relationship through difficult times, or to feel better emotionally and physically. Let me help show you how.

Individuals can become aware of new perspectives and possibilities and discover a new sense of energy, purpose, and productivity. Families can experience personal growth and family connectedness and heal intergenerational wounds. Couples can learn to repair negative interactions and develop a renewed sense of love, affection, and support for one another

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you know whether therapy could be helpful with what you’re dealing with in your life:

  1. Do you feel unfulfilled in some area of you life?
  2. Do you experience a great deal of conflict in your close relationships? 
  3. Do you feel angry a lot?                                                                                                                            
  4. Do you find it stressful spending time with your family or do you avoid family members as much as possible?                                                                                                                                    
  5. Do you find yourself doing things that you have a feeling might not be that good for you, like drinking too much, working a lot, eating for emotional reasons, or spending a lot of time online?                      
  6. Do you feel depressed or anxious?                            
  7. Do you feel stressed out?                                                                                                          
  8. Do you suffer from feelings of low self-esteem?                                                            
  9. Do you feel lonely or isolated?                                                                                       
  10. Do you feel trapped, afraid, or not in control of your life?                                                       
  11. Are you in a romantic, friend, professional, or family relationship that seems to be constantly upsetting to you?
  12. Did you have experiences as a child that you feel could be keeping you from living a full, happy adult life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please give me a call. We can talk about your situation and I can tell you how I can be helpful to you. Please call me anytime